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Here you will find information for assessors, moderators, providers and forklift trainers.

Information for assessors, moderators, providers and forklift trainers.

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Competenz offers help and support to registered work place assessors. The Annual Moderation Plan sets out which units will be moderated and how. Competenz will publish periodic news updates for assessors and moderators, together with information on upcoming professional development workshops.


Moderator rulings

Unit standard
 US 34007 Select and mince meat in a retail operation



Note 3 of the explanatory notes states ‘Range, Meat refers to sheep meat, beef, pork, poultry and game.’

This has been interpreted to be a hard range requiring the candidate to offer evidence of mincing all 5 types of meat referenced. This was not the intent of this unit standard and requiring the whole range to be met creates a barrier to achievement for the majority of candidates.



This ruling allows for this range to be read as may include any one of the following, sheep, beef or pork and one example of either poultry or game, until the unit standard can be updated.