Application for consent to assess

Application for consent to assess for standards or domains within Competenz gazetted scope

Consent to assess certifies education organisations to assess unit or achievement standards and award credit for them. It is granted by NZQA, and can only be granted to organisations that are registered training providers.

The full process to apply for consent to assess:

  1. The applicant plans the application and becomes informed
  2. The applicant establishes the desired scope for consent to assess
  3. The applicant checks the CMR requirements
  4. The applicant responds to the general and industry-specific criteria in the CMR
  5. The applicant checks the level of standard-setting body involvement
  6. The applicant applies to the relevant ITO for a letter of support
  7. The applicant submits the application to NZQA
  8. NZQA receives documentation and starts the evaluation process
  9. NZQA conducts site visit (in conjunction with the relevant ITO, if required)
  10. NZQA decides and notifies the applicant of the outcome
  11. NZQA publishes the outcome.
To apply for a letter of support from Competenz (step 6 above):
  1. Complete the application form

  2. Attach all supporting documents to confirm that the organisation meets all the CMR requirements

  3. Email your application to

  4. The turnaround time for the process is 2-4 weeks, depending on the quality of information provided in the application

  5. The cost for the application is $75 for administration and $150 per hour for evaluation of application.

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