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Here you will find information for assessors, moderators, providers and forklift trainers.

Competenz can help providers who want to offer Competenz unit standards and qualifications.

Qualification consultation

Competenz is the Qualification Developer for 65 New Zealand Qualifications, many with strands. If you are a TEO and you wish to develop a programme aligned to any one of these qualifications, you are required by NZQA to consult with us as the qualification developer.

If you wish to obtain evidence of consultation, to support your NZQA programme approval application, please provide us with the qualification full title and qualification number, along with information on the type of programme you are applying for and a brief description of mode of delivery, e.g. on-job, off- job makeup, along with evidence of industry engagement. We do not charge for this level of engagement.

We are also able to offer guidance and support to programme developers on how they can align their programmes to the qualification if required, however costs may be applied.

Please send any inquiries requesting consultation on programmes, with the above information to

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