If you’ve been thinking about taking on an apprentice but you’re not sure whether the business is ready, a Gateway student could be just the right stepping stone.

Gateway is a ten-week programme where a senior school student (Year 11 to 13) works in your company one day a week (or ten days over the school holidays). You’ll coach the student to achieve small tasks and students are assessed along the way to gain industry-related credits.

We offer gateway programmes in baking, butchery, engineering, forestry and furniture. For more information about the programmes click here. 

Benefits of being a Gateway employer

  • If you’re new to on-the-job training or it’s been a long time since your last trainee, Gateway is a great way to get up to speed with the support of your Competenz Training Advisor
  • Try before you buy. What a great opportunity to assess a student in your workplace. Think of it as a ten-week job interview
  • You can coach your student from the start to do things the way you like them done
  • Gateway can play a pivotal role in recruitment, connecting you with a local pool of talent 
  • It’s your chance to give back to your industry and community. Pass on your knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Competenz takes care of connecting you with a school and students in your area. Your Competenz Training Advisor will also be on hand throughout the programme to support you, your student and the school. If you would like more information about taking on a Gateway student, register your interest and we will be in touch shortly.