Health and Safety training gives your people the key knowledge, skills and attributes they need to reduce the incidents of accident and injury in your workplace.

What do we offer?

These health and safety qualifications are flexible and can be adapted to your industry and the health and safety risks within your business.

They will help you validate your commitment to your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Because your people train on-the-job, the theoretical knowledge they gain can be immediately applied within the framework of your systems and processes.

Workplace-based health and safety qualifications increase understanding at every level of your organisation, and give you the tools you need to keep levies low and your people safe.

Qualification available

The purpose of this qualification is to provide New Zealand workplaces with people who have the foundation health and safety skills and knowledge to meet workplace health and safety requirements.

Graduates will have enhanced knowledge of the health and safety requirements and responsibilities associated with their place of employment and will be able to contribute effectively to the wider community. Graduates may also be able to apply these skills under limited supervision in roles across a wide range of fields.

This qualification is intended for people who are intending to work or are working within a New Zealand workplace.

NZQA qualification overview

The purpose of this qualification is to provide New Zealand workplaces with people that have the skills and knowledge to promote and monitor health and safety practices and procedures, and a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

Graduates will benefit New Zealand workplaces, the community, and their families and whānau by promoting, and contributing to, health and safety in the workplace.

This qualification is designed for people who have or are intending to have a workplace health and safety function as part of their primary job role.

NZQA qualification overview