Sales and Merchandising qualifications equip your staff with the customer service, merchandising and sales skills they need to win more business and increase customer satisfaction.

We have developed these qualifications in close consultation with your industry to be relevant to your industry’s systems and processes and for your people to learn on-the-job.

Improved customer satisfaction and increased sales drive your business’ growth. And personal success drives employee motivation, particularly in sales-based roles.

What’s in it for your business?

Sales and Merchandising training programmes enable your sales team to sell more, more easily and ensure that your customers get the experience you intend.

These training programmes have been designed for your business to ensure your people understand and implement the learning from day one.

So, workplace-based Sales and Merchandising training ensures your business has a competitive edge with a sales force geared to capture more business, more successfully.

Qualifications available


Establish standards of professional practice in customer service and sales support to give in-store customers confidence in the service they receive.

Learning outcomes - graduates will be able to:

  • Engage positively with customers
  • Maintain personal presentation standards
  • Participate effectively in a team
  • Use stock management procedures and systems
  • Present in-store displays and undertake shelf management
  • Gain product knowledge and understand trade calculations
  • Comply with legislative requirements and safe work practices
  • Have knowledge around theft and fraud prevention.

Approximate duration

10 months


Whether FMCG or a more general sales environment, field sales teams develop and apply fundamental sales techniques to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Learning outcomes - graduates will be able to:

  •  Use a five step sales process from identifying opportunity to closing
  • Use their personal selling skills (questioning and listening)
  • Developing negotiation plans and conditional trading
  • Understand buyer behaviour to identify and adapt to different types
  • Understand target market – for both the customer and end consumer.

Approximate duration

 12 months

NZQA qualification overview