Competenz can provide training plans, support and qualifications – tailored to your businesses specific needs.

How we work with you

Apprentices need support in achieving their qualifications, and Competenz training advisors provide this support.

Your training advisor will guide apprentices through their training, monitoring their progress and completing on-the-job assessments throughout the training.

Your training advisor will:

  • Visit your business and your apprentices four times throughout the year
  • Structure training into manageable chunks of learning
  • Set deadlines with apprentices to complete assessments (in full consultation with employers)
  • Provide assessment guides for apprentices
  • Assist apprentices to successfully complete their training programme.

As an employer, you need to become familiar with your apprentice’s training programme and targets, and provide them with plenty of opportunities to develop and practise the required skills. 

Qualification available

This qualification has been developed in partnership with leading Kiwi signmakers. It is designed to equip people in the industry with the skills and knowledge to work productively and safely at an advanced level without supervision. Learners master the skills they need to succeed in the workplace and also gain a formal New Zealand Apprenticeship.

The optional strands in traditional signwriting, three-dimensional sign fabrication, and digital signage recognise specialised knowledge and skills that some people may wish to pursue.

Duration: 3.5 – 4 years

Optional strands: 

  • Traditional signwriting
  • Three-dimensional sign fabrication
  • Digital signage

 All graduates will be able to:

  • Understand relevant health and safety legislation and workplace safety culture
  • Design signs using knowledge of layout, typography and colour
  • Create and manipulate graphic files for sign production using software
  • Manufacture signs, graphics and displays using a range of signmaking materials
  • Fabricate a range of materials and apply vector cut graphics to produce flat board signs using signmaking tools, machinery and equipment
  • Laminate and apply films to a variety of flat, textured, simple and compound curved surfaces
  • Produce signs using a range of surface preparation, layout and painting techniques
  • Produce printed output for sign production using digital print technology
  • Produce illuminated signs using LED and fluorescent sign lighting
  • Install a variety of interior and exterior sign types safely using knowledge of fixings and fastenings, building substrates, waterproofing envelopes and working at heights

Traditional signwriting strand graduates will also be able to:

Write signs using hand lettering, metal gilding an airbrush rendering techniques.

Three-dimensional sign fabrication strand graduates will also be able to:

Fabricate three-dimensional sign components utilising a variety of tools, machines and technology.

Digital signage strand graduates will also be able to:

Produce digital signage promotion using digital signage hardware, networking systems, and content production and management software.

Fees free eligible