The benefits of qualifications

Training on-the-job to nationally-recognised qualifications, like the New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates Competenz offers, benefits everyone involved:

  • As an employer, you can be confident that the skills your employees are gaining meet industry standards 
  • Your employees can be confident that they’re gaining skills that are recognised across their industry.

Why are there two sets of qualifications?

New Zealand Certificates have replaced National Certificates. We worked closely with experts in our industries to review and update the National Certificates to ensure they meet changing needs. The New Zealand Certificates are the result. However, the government and our industries continue to recognise the National Certificates as valid, relevant qualifications.

How are the qualifications nationally recognised?

New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates are listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. A government agency, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), manages these qualifications on behalf of New Zealand industries.

Qualification consultation

Competenz is the Qualification Developer for 65 New Zealand Qualifications, many with strands. If you are a Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO) and you wish to develop a programme aligned to any one of these qualifications, you are required by NZQA to consult with us as the qualification developer.

If you wish to obtain evidence of consultation, to support your NZQA programme approval application, please provide us with the qualification full title and qualification number, along with information on the type of programme you are applying for and a brief description of mode of delivery, e.g. on-job, off-job makeup, along with evidence of industry engagement. We do not charge for this level of engagement.

We are also able to offer guidance and support to programme developers on how they can align their programmes to the qualification if required, however, costs may be applied.

Please send any inquiries requesting consultation on programmes with the above information to