Lifts & escalators

Lifts and escalators are a feature of any major building. In our ever expanding urban environment, the demand for well trained technicians is on the rise.

Careers information

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What does it involve?

Lift technicians need to have:

  • knowledge of electronics and electrical theory
  • knowledge of mechanics and engineering
  • knowledge of lift mechanics
  • knowledge of building warrant of fitness requirements.
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Typical day

Lift technicians:

  • discuss clients' requirements
  • install lifts and escalators
  • modify circuitry in lifts and escalators
  • monitor performance of lifts or escalators with a computer
  • maintain lifts and escalators and fix faults
  • free people who become trapped in lifts.
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How could I get into the industry

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Study areas

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How much could I earn?

  • Per year

    $80k - $100k

Career pathway

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