Lifts & escalators

Lifts and escalators are a feature of any major building. In our ever expanding urban environment, the demand for well trained technicians is on the rise.


We can provide training plans, support and qualifications - tailored to your businesses specific needs.

What do we offer?

We partner with members of your industry to help recruit and build talented employees. This support includes promoting careers in your industry, identifying potential apprentices, and encouraging work placements.

We also ensure your industry’s qualifications continue to meet needs, support industry events like conferences and regularly celebrate your learners’ success.

Qualifications available

This qualification is designed to enable people employed in the Lifts and Escalators industry to gain recognition for the relevant skills and knowledge required by industry expressed in terms of competency.

People awarded with this qualification are able to safely install, test and service a range of traction and hydraulic lifts and escalators systems to comply with statutory standards and to meet customer requirements.

This qualification has been designed with specialist strands to accommodate the principle sectors of Installation and Servicing within the Lifts and Escalators discipline.

NZQA qualification overview