Butchery is one of the world’s oldest and most respected trades. You need supreme skill and technique to deliver high quality products


We can provide training plans, support and qualifications - tailored to your businesses specific needs.

What do we offer?

We partner with industry associations like the Retail Meat Association and members of your industry to help recruit and build talented employees. This support includes promoting careers in your industry, identifying potential butchery apprentices, and encouraging work placements.

We also ensure your industry’s qualifications continue to meet needs, support industry events like conferences, competitions and graduations and regularly celebrate your learners’ success.

When apprentices enrol, we assign them a Competenz training advisor. Our training advisors understand the butchery industry and the skills learners and businesses need to gain.

Qualifications available

This qualification will lead your apprentice to develop the skills and knowledge required to work in retail butchery. The qualification focuses on the key competencies required to be confident in this customer facing role. By the end of the programme your apprentice will be able to;

  • Organise and maintain a safe, hygienic work environment including managing a temperature controlled supply chain
  • Forecast meat purchases based on seasonal and customer demand
  • Assemble and maintain the tools of the trade and check their safety
  • Complete mathematical calculations
  • Process beef, sheep, pork, and chicken, to produce saleable cuts of meat
  • Select, trim, and skillfully slice meat cuts by hand and machine
  • Produce trays of wrapped and labelled meat to create attractive displays
  • Assist customers choose meat and provide advice on uses and cooking methods

NZQA qualification overview