With public transport high on the political agenda around the country, this is a great time to build your skills in rail transport

Careers information

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What does it involve?

People involved in the New Zealand rail industry pursue a wide range of careers. You can drive a locomotive for a freight or passenger service, or take on one of the essential support roles involved in maintaining the tracks, signals and other structures that keep our rail network running smoothly.

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Typical day

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How could I get into the industry

Apply for jobs directly with Transdev (who operate Auckland’s passenger network) or KiwiRail.

Related Jobs

Train Driver Train Managers

  • Ticket sales
  • Track and structure maintenance
  • Signals and Communications Technician

Does this sound like you?

Study areas

Attributes Helpful experience Preferred work environments
  • Maths or Accounting or Economics
  • Computing / ICT / Information Management
  • Reasonable strength and fitness
  • Good organisation skills
  • Good work habits/time management
  • Good at problem solving / creative
  • Customer service or helping people
  • Working with machinery
  • Interest or experience with trains
  • Outside (in vehicles)
  • Different places from time to time

How much could I earn?

Once you’ve completed your Level 4 training, you can expect to earn between $35,000 and $50,000 per year to start with. Pay increases come as you gain more experience and seniority.

  • Newly Qualified

    $33k- $65k

Career pathway

School Entry level jobs Advancing jobs Senior jobs

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