Digital skills – Manufacturing


In early 2021, Competenz will offer a formalised micro-credential programme to develop digital skills in the manufacturing sector, delivered by our nationwide network of providers.

If you're interested in being a part of the 2021 delivery, this page is the place to register your interest.

We've been part of the Skills Shift Initiative, aimed at improving digital skills in New Zealand’s manufacturing sector.

This programme prepares manufacturing workers for a future of work in which digital technologies will play a much more important role.

Subsidies for this programme will be available through Competenz.

Programme topics


Introduction: The importance of data


Building capability to go digital


Effective browsing, useful features and functions, and connecting with others


Electronic workflow and the importance of transitions


The importance of data integrity and accuracy


Interpreting different data formats and understanding inputs


Inputting data and quality management


Putting it all together - competently managing the company’s data requirements


Digital skills specific to the learner and their company


Register for early delivery

Competenz is now taking expressions of interest for delivery in 2021. Please compete the below and one of our Workforce Development consultants will be in touch with you.