Consultation with Competenz industries indicates there is increasing need to train workforces on the impact and responsibilities of environmental sustainability practices. The following is intended to create discussion towards the development of unit standards (as part of a pilot) related to a Micro-credential in sustainability awareness.


A workplace culture that prioritises sustainability and environmental awareness meets both:


An organisation’s corporate social responsibility objectives


The rapidly changing demands of consumers.


Engaged employees who are aware of sustainability and environmental risk can contribute to cost savings and brand protection. Training and standardised outcomes will ensure awareness and application is consistent throughout an organisation.




Nationally recognised unit standards will be awarded to all participants and on completion a certificate will be presented.


Literacy and numeracy will be embedded in programmes. Additional support may be available in this area.


Success will be shared through our various communications channels.

Funding will be available for this programme.

Give us your input!

Consultation closes October 21


Proposed training outcomes

Outcomes may include – but are not limited to – the following:

Please tick the outcomes that reflect your organisational requirements.

NB: The examples above are not intended to be either exhaustive or set in stone. They are intended to stimulate thinking. Unit standard outcomes are used to identify the skills in which an industry wishes to see its employees judged as ’competent’. The detail regarding exactly how these skills are assessed will be discussed and refined once outcomes have been agreed by all parties.

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