Train the trainer

Proposed micro-credential

During our engagement activity we have heard from a number of businesses about the need to upskill their key workers so they can in turn train other staff.

Competenz is planning on developing a short programme (micro-credential) to meet this need and is seeking your input to determine the best make up of a micro-credential.



Micro-credentials are newly established programmes registered with NZQA that attract TEC funding.


The programmes have smaller credit value requirements compared to New Zealand Certificate programmes and can therefore be completed over shorter time periods.


The smaller credit value also allows the programme to be focused on a single task.


Much of the on-job training occurs on the production line or in the business with skilled/experienced operators training others.

It is important that those doing this in-house training apply robust training practice to ensure training is of high quality and effective. This will ensure improvements in productivity and safety are maximised.

We need your input!

After initial discussions, Competenz has identified a number of practical and knowledge based unit standards that could be used to create a Train the Trainer micro-credential. We are seeking your input into how this programme could be developed.

We could end up with more than one micro-credential programme to get the right mix of units to suit the need.


Which of the following unit standards would you like to see in the micro-credential?
This programme would most likely be delivered off-job by a provider. Which of the following would work best for your business?
Do you support the creation of the 'Train the trainer' micro-credential?

If you intend to use this micro-credential programme, please indicate the approximate number of enrolments: