Virtual reality

Assessment tool

We want your workplace to experience the future of industry training. In collaboration with Ministry of Social Development, Competenz is piloting the use of Virtual Reality (VR) as an assessment tool.

In response to demand, Competenz is creating a unit standard related to communication and collaboration for the New Zealand manufacturing industry. This unit standard will be the first created by Competenz with the ability to be assessed via VR.



Remote assessment

VR allows trainees to be assessed anywhere – for example, one trainee could be at Cape Reinga, another in Bluff, with the assessor in Wellington.



The VR assessment setting is in a manufacturing environment. However, the key skills assessed are those considered ‘human-centric’ or ‘soft skills’ (communication, collaboration etc) rather than technical.


As well as piloting this approach in workplaces, Competenz will explore the assessment in selected schools as part of developing a talent pipeline.

VR has positive implications for the future, potentially reducing the cost of assessment and enabling assessment to continue during extraordinary events such as lockdowns.

Early research shows VR can reduce training time and increase engagement in learning, particularly when used for human-centric skills.

The new Competenz unit standard will be released as part of the updated manufacturing qualifications in 2021. It will not be limited to only VR assessment, with ‘traditional’ assessment options available too.

Give us your input!

Competenz welcomes forward-thinking workplaces and schools who would like to explore this technology to get in touch for a discussion.

If you would like your workplace involved in this pilot, or require more detail about the work Competenz is involved in, please respond below.