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CNC Machinist - Pre-apprenticeship program

About the Employer

Mō Te Kaitukumahi 

Buckley Systems Limited is the world's leading supplier of precision electromagnets used in the manufacture of more than 90 per cent of the world's silicon chips. We also offer a large range of laboratory testing magnets as well as Medical magnets for Neutron and Proton therapy systems at the cutting edge of cancer treatment –systems that will revolutionise cancer treatments of the future. Based on an extensive site in Mt Wellington, we export to the world.

Buckley Systems have an exceptional reputation for training and developing their people and their six-month pre-apprenticeship program is second to none. The engineering business was initially started in 1978 by Bill Buckley and has morphed over the past 40+ years to be the award-winning and innovative business it is today. You can check out their work here -

Despite being a large employer, individuals are seen as a vital ingredient to business success and if you have career aspirations blended with an excellent work ethic, you will be noticed and supported in developing your career here.

About the Opportunity  

Mō Te Huarahi  

This is an opportunity for a school leaver to join the pre-apprenticeship program at Buckley Systems with a pathway to a career in CNC machining.

During this program, you will work in various teams within the business to try out the different aspects of on-site production.

Following the six-month pre-apprenticeship program, should both parties desire it, there will be the opportunity to continue through to the 4-year apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships allow you to work, learn and earn.


About You          


We are on the lookout someone who is keen to follow an engineering career path and who will be dedicated to learning within this amazing company that offers enormous career opportunities.

Ideally, you will have:

• NCEA Level 2 Maths and English

• A good level of numeracy and literacy

• Reliability and be motivated to do a great job

• Eagerness to learn

• Excellent attitude toward your work


Ngā Hāora  

The normal hours of work are 7.00 am to 3.30 pm.



Te Tohu  

Please note, this is initially a six-month pre-apprenticeship program.

As stated above, should both parties desire, there will then be an opportunity to work toward the New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Trade) (Level 4) with strands in Fitting and Machining, Machining and Toolmaking

Graduates of this qualification will be able to: -

Apply relevant Health and Safety legislation and knowledge of the workplace safety culture in order to work safely and meet responsibilities in a commercial mechanical engineering environment.

  • Produce and interpret engineering sketches and simple component drawings and/or specifications with knowledge of limits, fits and geometrical tolerancing used in engineering.
  • Apply knowledge of trade calculations and units of measurement to perform a range of mechanical engineering tasks.
  • Apply knowledge of the composition and characteristics of engineering materials to select and optimise their use through job planning and sequencing tasks.
  • Determine available and appropriate manufacturing and engineering processes, tools and equipment, and an overview of alternative engineering process to suit a range of mechanical engineering tasks.
  • Interpret basic engineering job operations, planning and sequencing for job costing and pricing, with consideration to efficiency and economical processing options.
  • Apply knowledge of relevant engineering principles and practices using problem-solving skills for fault finding and root cause analysis, to perform engineering tasks efficiently and effectively while working to specifications and industry standards.
  • Correctly use and maintain tools and equipment, monitoring their condition for safe and effective operation to ensure accuracy, minimise damage to work, and to prevent accidents.
  • Interpret knowledge of calibrating measuring equipment, and methods of non-destructive testing to carry out self-inspection of work.
  • Select and inspect simple lifting appliances and slings, to safely secure a load and carry out lifting procedures.
  • Apply knowledge of effective and efficient manufacturing models, the processes and principles, of quality systems, in the production of components and/or for the provision of services in a commercial mechanical engineering environment, to deliver in full, on time and to specification.
  • Practice effective communication with awareness of other cultures and languages, to confirm and clarify instructions, communicate health and safety matters, and understand workplace documentation, within a mechanical engineering team and the wider workplace.
  • Self-manage on-going learning, seeking advice or guidance when required while maintaining acceptable standards across the mechanical engineering industry.

Graduates of the Machining strand will also be able to:

  • Plan, sequence, and machine complex engineering components using manual and Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines to achieve a high degree of tolerance and finish, efficiently and effectively by using current and relevant machining technologies and techniques that include the use of specialised tooling and measuring equipment, to meet required specifications.

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Date Posted
March 17, 2023
Engineering - Machining
Engineering - Machining
Mt Wellington
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