• Keen on Fabrication – this opportunity could be ideal for you
  • Entry Level Role
  • Well established Pipefitters with lots of variety on offer

About the Employer

APL is a 100% NZ owned company that specialises in the installation of pipework for the HVAC, medical, industrial and manufacturing industries. The APL commitment is to provide the quality professional skillsets required to successfully complete pipework projects.

APL staff have a wide range of skills including expertise in steam, medical gases, process pipework and petro chemical. They are 100% safety orientated and continually strive to conform to the highest health and safety requirements.  They provide a full range of welding procedures for both carbon and stainless as well as quality assurance. As well as installing the pipework, on the majority of projects APL are involved in the placement of the major plant items, including ancillary additions. APL also manufacture any structural supports required for pipework.

About the Opportunity

To start you’ll be paired up in a group and buddy with an experienced and qualified tradesman in that group.  You’ll work alongside them and be given tasks and learn to master that task before moving on to the next one.  Typically apprentices at APL start with bracketing and how to support pipes before training on the actual pipework. 

About You

There’s a focus on fabrication in this entry level apprenticeship opportunity. You’ll need to be practical, have a strong interest in engineering and how things work, enjoy being hands-on and working with tools.  This is an active role so being physically fit will help and good computer skills will also set you up for success.

To fit in here you’ll need to have –

  • Attention to detail
  • Desire to get things right the first time
  • H & S awareness
  • Physical fitness
  • Good computer skills
  • Great work ethic and timekeeping
  • Restricted Drivers Licence


Standard Hours are 6.30am to 3.30 Monday to Thursday then 6.30am to 1.30pm on Friday.

Overtime is optional when skill set and experience is sufficient.


New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Building Services (Trade, Level 4)

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Work to meet health and safety legislative, and workplace safety culture requirements and responsibilities in a commercial mechanical building services environment.
  • Produce accurate engineering sketches including site measures and drawings for the fabrication and installation of mechanical building service components
  • Interpret engineering sketches, drawings, and/or specifications as required for the mechanical building services task being undertaken.
  • Apply knowledge of trade calculations and units of measurement to produce a range of components, and to install mechanical building service systems to specification.
  • Use tools, equipment, and appropriate processes to safely fabricate, assemble, install, and pre-commission mechanical building service systems
  • Apply knowledge of the composition and characteristics of engineering materials to determine suitability and selection for a mechanical building service application.
  • Determine the principles and methods for manufacturing of mechanical building services components, workshop pre-assembly and site installation, passive fire protection, seismic restraint, vibration isolation, and control systems, and their application in mechanical building services.
  • Determine how process analysis and sequencing of tasks to optimise materials and time, including awareness of surroundings and ergonomics, are applied to job planning and costing processes
  • Plan and sequence the fabrication, assembly, mechanical joining (including welding, brazing and lock forming), use of engineering materials, and installation of a range of mechanical building services components both on-site and in a workshop
  • Install vibration isolators, seismic restraints, and passive fire seals for a range of mechanical building services plant and equipment.
  • Carry out quality assurance for a range mechanical building services plant and equipment (including pipework, ductwork, fire dampers, and condensate drains), to meet organisation requirements and industry standards.
  • Pre-commission mechanical components, and collaborate with specialists to commission a full range of complex mechanical building services plant and systems to meet organisation requirements and industry standards.
  • Communicate effectively with mechanical building services team, the wider workplace and with consideration of other cultures and languages in the workplace, to complete tasks safely, and according to instructions.
  • Self-manage on-going learning, and maintain the professional development and standards required for the mechanical building services field.