Got a Trade Week officially opened by aspiring auto mechanic


03 September 2015

Last month, the first annual GOT A TRADE WEEK was opened at GridAKL by aspiring auto mechanic Krystal Witika – a 16-year old student from Auckland Girls Grammar with good grades and an infatuation with the Fast and Furious franchise, which she can recite verbatim.

“I’m more the image of someone likely to end up working in a school or hospital. I am female and I am Maori. And, while I may be expected to fill a certain role, I don’t want to be a stereotype,” she told the audience. “I don’t enjoy the thought of sitting at a desk from nine-to-five. I want to get my hands dirty. And, I know that if I’ve got a trade, I’ve got it made.”

GOT A TRADE WEEK is part of an ongoing campaign to promote careers in New Zealand’s trades and services to students and jobseekers, aged 16-24 years. Got a Trade? Got it Made! is collectively owned by seven industry training organisations – BCITO, Competenz, Connexis, HITO, MITO, ServiceIQ and The Skills Organisation.

For more photos of the opening please visit the Got a Trade facebook page: