Trades Guide

The guide for students to pathway into the trades

In 2016 Careers New Zealand became a part of the Tertiary Education Commission in a reform for better and more consistent careers information for school students. In addition to this the government announced that they will provide $24 million over four years for more apprenticeship training. These changes signaled to us that people need more accurate, up-to-date information about job skills training at their fingertips.

After the success of the 2016 Trades Guide, we have compiled an up-to date version that gives people the information they need to take up training opportunities. This guide is an essential tool in allowing students to browse through the various different trade apprenticeships, gateway programmes and traineeships that we offer.

Who is it for?

Jobs are changing rapidly and our customers sit across the generations. Our Primary audience are 16 to 24-year-old students and jobseekers and their key influencers’; teachers, careers advisors, parents, family and friends.

What does it do?

  • It provides the information youth need to help them choose a career.

  • It gives real world insights into specific jobs and job groupings.

  • It supports industry growth by closing the gap between employers and learners.

What questions does it answer?

What jobs are out there? Research conducted by Vocational Pathways showed that youth overwhelmingly choose to search for career information by job – not industry or qualification.
How do I get started in a trade’s career? It explains what on-the-job training is, why it’s a great option and shows a clear pathway from school to on-the-job training.
How do I get a job? It provides tips on CV writing and the job finding process AND it details exactly what people want to know about job specifics.