Want to learn a trade?

Becoming an apprentice means learning a new trade while you work. You might upskill in the same job, or start out in a new one. As an apprentice, you get paid while you learn and earn a trade qualification. 

If you want to do an apprenticeship where you work now, don’t be shy - talk to your boss about it. Let them know there is plenty of helpful information on how it works here.

Check out the apprenticeships we have available and see what could be right for you. 

Where does Competenz fit?

We manage and support your learning as you work through your apprenticeship, providing your employer with study materials and resources for you. We can help you find an employer who will take you on as an apprentice, if you don’t already have one.

We can also give you advice on your career path, and even help you out if you need to improve your reading, writing or maths ability for work.