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What is an apprenticeship?

A Competenz apprenticeship is a structured training programme that combines theoretical and on-the-job training which results in a Level 4 trade qualification. Competenz provides apprentices with additional mentoring and support throughout their training. An apprenticeship takes 3-4 years to complete, arming the learner with the skills that are needed by industry.

Apprenticeships are formal arrangements between an employer, learner, and Competenz. This three-party arrangement ensures that learners are supported in achieving their learning goals.

Why should I consider an apprenticeship?

Attraction and retention of staff who have the skills that are needed today and in the future is an ongoing challenge for many industries. Demonstrating a commitment to training your people to achieve industry-approved qualifications has numerous benefits for your people and your business.

Is my employee eligible?

Your employee needs to be 16 years of age or older and a New Zealand Citizen or Resident with the right to work in New Zealand. Employees already working in your business without formal qualifications can have their skills formally recognised.

How we work with you

A Competenz account manager or training advisor will analyse your current and future business needs and develop training plans that address any gaps.

Programme options

Inconsultation with industry, Competenz has built a range of programmes that address the needs of your industry. View our 'Trades Guide' for an in-depth overview of each qualification.

Keeping the costs manageable

There are a few funding options available to help with the costs of taking on an apprentice. Check out our funding page for more details.

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Elev8 training model

Our Elev8 training model ensures that your apprentice receives the correct training, wrap-around support and mentoring they need to succeed, whether you are upskilling existing staff or hiring new staff into an apprenticeship role. Competenz is responsible for facilitating the training and support for learners (and their employers) throughout their apprenticeship, including regular site visits, organising attendance at block courses, study groups and night school classes, if appropriate.


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I’d like to be my apprentice’s formal employer
My team and I will train the apprentice and we’ve got time and ability to coach and mentor them regularly and actively
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