Develop highly skilled teams within your business

Looking to build your team’s skills? Let us customise a training plan that meets your business’ needs and supports your teams to get nationally recognised qualifications.

Our training programmes help your employees gain the skills they need to work productively and safely. They may result in a completed apprenticeship after three or four years of on-the-job study, or a New Zealand or National Certificate (a qualification recognised on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework).

  • Grow your business with a qualified workforce
  • Develop talent that matches your needs
  • The value in return is greater than the cost
  • Lower your recruitment cost and maximise your profit 
  • Training can take place in your workplace, minimising disruption and maximising impact

Building a training plan to support your business

Our account managers or training advisors will work with you to understand your business and the skills you need. Then they agree a tailored training plan with you to help your employees gain those skills. Most of this learning takes place on-the-job. 

Supporting your employees’ learning

We provide training materials and online learning, visit your workplace to check on progress, and arrange for your employees to complete any off-job training they need.

Confirming your employees’ skills

We arrange assessments to confirm your employees have built their skills, and register their success with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Our customised training programmes will help your employees gain skills and knowledge that have been endorsed by industry. 

Training programmes can be apprenticeships (3-4 years), or short programmes and traineeships (6-18 months) that may result in a New Zealand Certificate, a qualification recognised on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Our account managers or training advisors will work with you to explain our training programmes and develop a training plan, to meet the specific skills of your business. 

The benefits of qualifications

Training on-the-job to nationally recognised qualifications, like the New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates Competenz offers, benefits everyone involved:

  • As an employer you can be confident that the skills your employees are gaining meet industry standards. 
  • Your employees can be confident that they’re gaining skills that are recognised across their industry.

Why are there two sets of qualifications?

New Zealand Certificates are replacing National Certificates. We’ve worked closely with our industries to review and update the National Certificates to ensure they meet changing needs. The New Zealand Certificates are the result.

The government and our industries will continue to recognise the National Certificates as valid, relevant qualifications.

How are the qualifications nationally recognised?

New Zealand Certificates and National Certificates are listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. A government agency, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), manages these qualifications on behalf of New Zealand industries.

The three parties to a New Zealand Apprenticeship

There are three parties to a New Zealand Apprenticeship - the apprentice, employer and industry training organisation. Each has unique responsibilities. The responsibilities of the apprentice are to work and learn.

The responsibilities of the employer are to train and support the apprentice. The responsibilities of the industry training organisation are to facilitate the training, and support both the apprentice and the employer throughout the apprenticeship.

Read more about the responsibilities of each party.