Free training and wage subsidies

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Want to know more about the free apprenticeships and training? There’s never been a better time to earn while you learn!

The initiatives not only include free apprenticeships, but also free traineeships in targeted areas, wage subsidies for employers of apprentices and equipment for existing learners who do not have access to technology.

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Free apprenticeships and traineeships

Free apprenticeships

All Competenz new and currently enrolled apprenticeship fees are free, regardless of what industry sector they are in until 31 December 2022. This also covers resources, block courses, night classes, study groups and eLearning fees.

Even better, you or your employer don’t need to apply for the funding; it’s automatically applied.

If you or your employer have already paid course or training fees for this time, we have issued a credit note to your employer's account, where applicable.

If you’re already an apprentice and using the existing fees-free policy to pay your study or training costs, this entitlement will be paused and can resume after 31 December 2022 if needed.

Free traineeships in targeted sectors

New and currently enrolled Competenz traineeships and micro-credentials in targeted sectors are also fees free until  31 December 2022, for level some qualifications.

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Apprenticeship Boost

Your employer may be eligible for a wage subsidy for new and currently enrolled, first and second-year apprentices.

Apprenticeship Boost is available from August 2020 and runs for 20 months.

Employers of an apprentice who is in the first year of their apprenticeship will be eligible for $1,000 per month, and an employer of an apprentice in their second year is eligible for $500 per month for a maximum period of 20 months. Administered by Work and Income.

Find out more on the Work and Income website.

Mana in Mahi programme extension

A wage subsidy and other pastoral care is available for employers of new and currently enrolled first and second-year apprentices, through Work and Income’s Mana in Mahi scheme. The wage subsidy will be increased up to $16,000 for the first year and up to $8,000 for a second year. This is administered by Work and Income.

Find out more on the Work and Income website.

Regional Apprenticeship Fund

Under the Provincial Growth Fund, this is a wage subsidy and additional business support of up to $40,000 per apprentice, paid to their employer. Businesses need to employ a worker displaced by the effects of COVID-19 who is Māori or Pasifika. This is administered by Work and Income.

Find out more on the Work and Income website.