Workforce Development Councils

One of the most highly anticipated components of RoVE is the establishment of six Workforce Development Councils (WDCs).
Te PūkengaReform of Vocational Education

What is a Workforce Development Council?

WDCs will focus on ensuring the curriculum of vocational education meets the needs of trade industries. They will work closely alongside industries and employers in their sectors, including Māori industry and Iwi businesses. WDCs will also work and collaborate with each other along with key education and government agencies, schools, and advocacy groups.

Established on 04 October 2021, these WDCs are doing the mahi required to:
  • Create qualifications and set standards
  • Advise the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) on investment in vocational education
  • Moderate assessments against industry standards
  • And, where appropriate, set and moderate capstone assessments at the end of a qualification.
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What does this mean for Competenz?

All Competenz qualification standards setting and external moderation functions have now transferred to four of the six new councils, as follows:

To find out what industry transferred to each WDC, use this search function.