Training cost reimbursements

Everything employers need to know to make a claim

The Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) provides free training for apprenticeships and targeted traineeships from 01 July 2020 to December 2022. Competenz can now reimburse you directly for training costs you pay to your Competenz-registered training provider for eligible programmes.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to claim reimbursement of your provider’s invoice for a Competenz learner directly from us if:

  • Your employee is enrolled in a Competenz training agreement for a TTAF eligible programme.
  • Your provider invoices you for the training and assessing of an eligible programme and you pay their invoice directly.


How do I claim reimbursement?


Read the instructions in Tab 1

Print, complete, sign and scan the declaration in Tab 2

Complete the learner details required in Tab 3, using the example in Tab 4 as a guide


Create an invoice for the applicable training costs you are claiming from Competenz.


Email the following to‍
  1. The completed, signed and scanned declaration form (found in Tab 2 of the spreadsheet)
  2. The completed learners’ details populated in the Excel spreadsheet
  3. Your provider’s invoiced. Your company’s invoice to Competenz
If you have any questions about this process, please contact your account manager or email us.