Training cost reimbursements

Everything employers need to know to make a claim

The Fees Free scheme has been reinstated from 2023. This scheme covers ākonga (learner) fees for up to two years of training up to $12,000, provided they are enrolled in a programme of 120 credits or more at Level 3 or above and meet the Tertiary Education Commission's (TEC) eligibility criteria.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to claim reimbursement of your provider’s invoice for a Competenz learner directly from us if:

  • Your employee is enrolled in a Competenz training agreement and is eligible for Fees Free.
  • Your provider invoices you for the training and assessing of an eligible learner and you pay their invoice directly.

Not sure if you are eligible to claim reimbursement? Use this form to find out.

How do I claim reimbursement for Fees Free?

For any questions about the Fees Free training reimbursement process, please email us.

How do I claim reimbursement for TTAF?

Create an invoice for the applicable training costs you are claiming from Competenz.
Email the following to
  1. The completed, signed and scanned declaration form (found in Tab 2 of the spreadsheet)
  2. The completed learners’ details populated in the Excel spreadsheet
  3. Your provider’s invoiced. Your company’s invoice to Competenz
If you have any questions about this process contact your account manager or email us.