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Unit standard 14995


Point four of the special notes of the unit states: Drawings must meet NZS/AS 1100.101:1992 Technical Drawing – General Principles, which is available at: However, this standard is no longer available on Standards NZ.


This ruling allows for standard NZS/AS 1100.101:1992 Technical Drawing – General Principles to be replaced with the abridged version of the standard, which is: SAA/SNZ HB1: 1994, Technical Drawing for students.  

Unit standard 14996


The explanatory notes allow for either hand drawn or CAD drawings. If going with CAD, E.R. 1.2 and 1.3 become irrelevant.


This ruling allows for E.R.1.2 and 1.3 to be exempted from the assessment if CAD drawing are used.

The following exceptions have been applied to to the assessment of unit 18903 v2 (L3, C4)

Unit standard 18903 v2 (L3,C4)


Performance criteria 1.2 refers to z-tooth where it should have been z-saw.


This ruling replaces the term z-tooth with the term z-saw.