Update: Competenz will no longer offer the National Diploma in Applied Journalism (Level 6)

20 February 2017

In 2016 Competenz consulted with industry representatives over the future and relevance of the workplace-based Journalism diploma (Level 6) in an increasingly disruptive, digital age. The evolution of the digital media and the need to react quickly to news has changed the learning model required.

 After careful consideration, Competenz concluded that the workplace-based qualification is not sustainable. The decision was not taken lightly and Competenz remains committed to ensuring all enrolled students have the chance to complete their training with minimal disruption.

Competenz is committed to supporting our existing learners through to 31 December 2017. Industry stakeholders are able to contact Competenz journalism liaison manager Patricia Brooking (details below).

There are a number of national and New Zealand journalism qualifications on offer from three journalism schools in 2017/18. They are;

1.    Wintech will offer the National Diploma in Journalism -Multimedia (Level 5)   in 2017  as it intends to offer the New Zealand Diploma in Journalism(Level 5) in July 2018.

 2.    Otago Polytechnic will offer the National Diploma in Journalism-Multimedia (Level 5) in July 2017 as it intends to offer the New Zealand Diploma in Journalism (Level 5) in July 2018.

 3.    Whitireia New Zealand intends to offer the New Zealand Diploma in Journalism(Level 5) in July 2017.

 By 2018, the New Zealand Certificate in Journalism (Level 6) is intended to be available through these providers.   

Competenz online bookstore:

Learners will be able to purchase journalism books through our online bookstore until the end of 2017 while we work with our authors to find new publishers.

 Competenz journalism liaison manager:

Patricia Brooking, our Industry Manager for Journalism, will support any queries you may have. Patricia's details are:

p.brooking@competenz.org.nz or 027-4454116


Competenz has managed the workplace journalism training needs of the Journalism industry since 2014 after taking over from Communications and Media Industry Training Organisation. Competenz will continue its role as qualification developer and standard setting body for communications and media which covers journalism,  radio broadcasting and screen production.