Learner benefits

The Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing (Micro-credential) will give workers the essential skills required to identify workplace sustainability practices confidently.

It will prepare them for the future of work as New Zealand workplaces adapt to increasing and ever-changing sustainability requirements.

Graduates will be able to:

Describe what sustainable practices are
Describe the benefits of sustainable practices
Identify and describe pollutants and their control

What's in it for your business?

Your workers will increase their sustainability knowledge and confidence, equipping them for future changes, large and small. Your workforce will be future-proofed, and its valuable knowledge retained.

This micro-credential will allow workers to develop a better understanding of:
Impacts on natural resources and the environment.
Cost-saving measures related to sustainable practices
The benefits of those practices in the workplace
Sustainable practices in the workplace

How is it delivered?

This programme is best delivered via a training provider. Talk to your Competenz representative about how best to meet your needs.


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