Complaints policy and process

Our promise

Competenz is committed to providing the highest level of service and we take all complaints received seriously – not merely to resolve them on the level of the individual complaint, but also to improve our overall business processes.

In resolving any complaints raised, we commit to:

  • a process that is fair and impartial;
  • a process that is timely, sensitive, effective and consistent;
  • being accountable by acknowledging and apologizing for our mistakes, and putting things right whenever possible;
  • treating complaints as a valuable form of feedback and an opportunity to deliver continuous improvement in the design and delivery of our services.

We treat all complaints with respect and in the strictest confidence, taking into account the rights of the complainant and any individual about whom the complaint involves.

We ensure that all feedback received through complaints is communicated to the appropriate staff and to our process improvement system, and that complainants receive feedback as to the outcome of their complaint, unless they elected not to.

Our process

Any person may lodge a complaint with Competenz about any matter over which Competenz has control. In the interest of both parties, you are encouraged to raise an informal complaint as a first step to resolve the issue. This can be done by calling our Customer Services Team on 0800 526 1800.

A formal written complaint must contain a clear statement of the grounds for the complaint and supporting documentation or evidence where appropriate. Formal complaints can be raised by selecting “I would like to make a complaint” on this page.

On receipt of the complaint, you will receive a written acknowledgement of your submission. Your complaint will be attended to by the Competenz Complaints Officer, with the aim to have it resolved within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.

During the investigation phase, we may need to contact you for additional information.

At the conclusion of the investigation, you will receive a letter to advise you of the outcome of the complaint, unless you have elected not to receive such feedback.

I would like to make a complaint