New Zealand Certificate in Laundry Processing (Level 2) with optional strand in Washroom Procedures

About this qualification

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the laundry industry with people who have the skills and knowledge needed to work as laundry processors in both small and large commercial laundry operations or in in-house laundries (e.g. as part of residential care and hospital facilities.)

Graduates will be able to work safely to prepare, process and dispatch laundry as part of a team. They will work under the general supervision of a supervisor or team leader, and follow procedures.

The extra skills and knowledge involved in working in washrooms in a laundry operation are included as an optional strand. This strand is intended for organisations that restrict access to washrooms in accordance with their operating procedures.

Who this qualification is intended for

This qualification is for new entrants to the laundry industry. It also recognises the specific technical skills and knowledge of people already employed as laundry processors.

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40 - 48